As experts in wood floor sanding in Sussex and Cornwall, Strippers Flooring have made a thriving business out of revealing the hidden beauty in wood floors. Take a look at our gallery images below for a clearer idea of the professional services we provide and the stunning results we can achieve.

Did you know that England has a long tradition of building with timber? From the great houses of Goodwood and Petworth in West Sussex to the black and white timber-framed buildings you see all over the country, they’re a testament to the building skills of our medieval ancestors. Many of the wooden floors you see today are a continuation of this great building tradition.

Sadly, far too many floors have been neglected, painted or covered over, requiring careful wood floor restoration to bring them back to life. This is where Strippers Flooring can do wonders for your parquet and block floors. We use our many years’ experience and extensive technical expertise to remove old layers of paint and varnish and replace them with a modern hardwearing finish, bringing back the beauty of your wooden floors.

Whatever the condition of the wooden floor in your home or business, we promise to lavish them with our professional love, care and attention to transform your property and provide a wonderful investment.

See below for examples of the main wood floor restoration services we offer:

From our base in St Ives, we are proud to have built a market-leading business in Cornwall over the last 20 years, and we also have offices in Brighton & Hove, serving the whole of Sussex.