We’re completely committed to doing everything possible to minimise our impact on the environment, both immediate and globally.

We care

Part of the solution...

We’re proud to have signed up to 1% For The Planet to try and make a practical, constructive difference. This is a project which goes beyond lip service and means putting our money where our mouth is in tangible, practical ways.

Proud of what we do...

The same goes for how we work. We use new timber as rarely as we can and use only the highest-quality products, from Europe’s leading producers, with the best possible environmental certifications, including Bona (Sweden), Loba (Germany) and Rubio Monocoat (Belgium). We’re happy to use products without volatile organic compounds (VOCs) if you have allergies or would prefer to avoid them altogether.

We believe that by choosing to restore wood floors, rather than replace them, our clients are actively choosing an outcome which is not just lovelier-looking, but more sustainable too.