Wood Floor Restoration

Removal of door well

Our clients wanted the mat well removed and the floor running level. We cut back the area and removed matching boards from another room in the property (under a carpet) and ‘laced’ in the boards ensuring that we retained a natural look.

Joining of two floors

This was a challenging project that involved the joint together of what was once two rooms. After removing the old concrete and ensuring the subfloor was sound and appropriate for the blocks we laid the blocks in as even and symmetrical patterns as possible. Old blocks require quite specialized adhesive and must set for at least 48 hours before they can be sanded. Our clients were extremely happy with the result.

removal and replacement of floor

For this period apartment in Falmouth, we removed the thin overlay floor and after ensuring the subfloor was sound and fixed we laid a new timber floor which was then stained and finished with water-based polyurethane finish from Bona

Matching in a reclaimed floor

This home had a lovely original Victorian floor but the bedroom and hallway had had it removed and repacked with chipboard. After sourcing some suitable reclaimed boards we left them for a period to acclimatize to the property and after further moisture tests, we then laid the floor to match in.

Look what we can restore...

Its often thought that a floor like this is beyond saving and whilst it’s true that it’s harder to restore a floor that’s been as badly done as this one, it is possible as can be seen here…

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