Stairs Sanding Service

Example of sanded & stained stairs

As well as restoring and sanding wood floors in peoples homes, we regularly get asked to help with wood stair restoration. These original Victorian stairs were sanded back and in order to mask the shadowing that can occur on stairs that have had a runner in place for years, we stained with a walnut colour and finished with 3 coats of Bona water-based lacquer. Quite often much of stair restoration is a lot of hand scraping!

Stairs left with a natural rustic look...

This particular job in a beautiful house in Penzance from about 1810 also included the restoration of 5 flights of stairs. With many treads covered in Lino and heavy adhesive, they were painstakingly restored by hand and machine and just finished with a natural water-based finish with a very low sheen level. It is worth noting that the ‘shadowing’ from having years of a carpet runner in period homes is very common.